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 the site http://www.huntingandfeildsports.com/

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PostSubject: the site http://www.huntingandfeildsports.com/   Wed Nov 05, 2008 1:05 pm

i have had various emails regarding the site name


i do no that it is,spelt ie,and not ei .but that was somthing i did to gain the domain name and site
address.i dont see it will affect the site in anyway once established .
as people search for new sites on keywords etc like (hunting)(lurchers) and so on .
so hope it dosnt cause a problem to anyone and i dont think it will eventually to the site .
just a little loophole for the name ,and yes im happy to say could be my dislexya haa.
but anyway anyone passing the address on .just give it as http://www.huntingandfeildsports.com/
many thanks guys enjoy cheers
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View user profile http://www.huntingandfeildsports.com
the site http://www.huntingandfeildsports.com/
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