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 Another lamb killer..............

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rookie hunter
rookie hunter

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PostSubject: Another lamb killer..............   Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:25 am

I have just started to control the foxes on a local farm,and,he is in the middle of lambing so there are a few about,but,there is a fox that every time the lamp gets anywhere near it the bloody thing just turns and flees.Last night I used a red filter,and,I was out with the .204 because although I have had it a while now I have only just got the right mounts for it so it would accomodate the Nightforce scope.A mate of mine was lamping for me,and,I had some bait out as well,we checked the bait,but,nothing there,so,I started to call using the Wam.There was a pair of eyes appeared between some trees,and,it did start to come in at first,but,then thought better of it,and,just disappeared.We walked over to the other side of the valley to have a call,and,after probably 40 mins of calling and waiting a pair of jewels popped back at me from the very top hedgeline,The .204 was already on the sticks,as I gave a few very quiet squeeks she came down the bank like the proverbial train,she ran along a footpath,and,she was just going to keep coming so,i had to bark to stop her.She slammed the brakes on,and,gave be a front on shot,so,I put the illuminated crosshairs on her chin,and,off sped a 32grn Remington(not started to reload yet),well these rounds are pretty devastating I can tell you,there was the satisfying thud back from the by now recumbant Vixen,and,I was glad to get another in the bag from this place as it seems they are normally very lampshy which is a bit weird as no-one else lamps here at all.But,the farmer will be happy,and,I will be out after them again with a now blooded new rifle...........I will win in the end!!! lol

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PostSubject: Re: Another lamb killer..............   Mon Apr 27, 2009 6:15 am

very good again martin...
good that you christened the new rifle too cheers
sneaky banned text them foxes are Twisted Evil
looks like your getting some sport over there mate...
great that your permission seems to be alive with game cheers
you should defo do well with the lambing going on and also with their being a few cubs around too...
happy hunting..
regards IP Wink
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Another lamb killer..............
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